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Your Growth Program

Learn about your role in this growth endeavor

You're an Orange Pegs sales client

Understand your role as sales in the Growth investment made by your company

We're taking a strategic approach to marketing and sales that is agile and geared toward achieving your "North Star Metric (what's that?)." It's a comprehensive program that covers the entire customer journey, and every one of us plays a unique, critical role. Whether you're in sales, service, or marketing, the balance of success often tips by your hand, and we're here to ensure we all do our part.

In this overview page, you'll learn about your role in Growth, and what you can do to help us win more.

Align We've taken your vision and broken it down to actionable steps, CRM programming, and accountability standards for all members - Accessible in Basecamp
Ideate Leveraging context and quantitative data, we've assembled a series of content ideas for generating leads and/or closing deals that need your help in order to work.
Enable We've implemented a sales system involving tech (CRM), process, sales methodology, and templates--Accessible in your Dashboard and Basecamp
Test Using scientific methodology, we help you find and test new ideas. Everything is an experiment, from content offers to the way you sell or how fast you do it


Centered around supportive tools found in your CRM, we've engineered your toolstack to elevate your hottest opportunities in real-time and manage and prioritize your sales activities.
  • CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales architecture (The Chase)
  • Pipeline (Deals Management)


We're generating inbound leads through your website who are exhibiting buying signals. Some are going to self-service their first appointments; most are not. Your job is to get in front of them fast, deliver the message that you're a consultant, then BE a consultant while helping them solve their conundrums.

  • <5 minute sales response time
  • Call + email every other day x 6
  • Leverage "The Chase" email templates
  • Enrich data as you go


Got a great idea you want to test or something you're doing to win that you want to share with the team? We want to hear about it, and better yet, execute it. This is the purpose behind our weekly Sales Enablement meetings.

  • CRM customization & adoption
  • Sales collateral & processes
  • Product development
  • Campaigns