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A Growth Marketing Plan Template ... and then some

You've never seen a digital marketing plan template like this!

Conductor™️ is a pre-engineered project management template developed specifically for Agile growth marketing. Based on the model, Experimental Marketing, Conductor is the perfect platform for any business investing in Growth.

Because a well-structured marketing plan doesn't happen by itself


Customer Testimonials

They thrive on a creative and fast-paced spirit; the greater the challenge, the more they dig in and deliver!” 

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Erin Hayne

Orange Pegs was(/is) a great investment for growing our business. They're strategic, methodical, thoughtful, reactive, and responsive. They're not like other agencies in that they are 100% committed to business growth and agile in their approach!

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Tim MacDonald
Tim MacDonaldAVP Marketing @ Tradier

Working with Orange Pegs has been a game-changer for our business. Their innovative strategies and dedicated team have propelled our brand to new heights. From crafting compelling campaigns to boosting our online presence, they've exceeded our expectations at every turn. Their personalized approach and attention to detail truly set them apart!

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Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen headshot
Nurys Harrigan-PedersenPresident @ CNP Staffing

Investing in the Orange Pegs growth program led to incredible results. They helped us reduce our customer acquisition costs by a significant amount (95%!), created a program that allows us to target and secure quality clients while providing business intelligence that enables us to make mission-critical decisions with confidence, and instilled a culture of growth that continues to compound our success!

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AWKO logo
Ronn WallaceMarketing Manager @ AWKO Law

Cost & Features

Annual and monthly options


$5,000 one-time

Get access to your own instance of Basecamp 4, with launch sequences and marketing plan steps

12 months of access
Up to 5 users at a time
Onboarding sequences
Alignment workshop
Strategy sequence
Infrastructure guidance
Content task templates

Growth Marketing Plan FAQs

Want to know more about what's in Conductor? We compiled the most common questions and answers below:

Does it work with outbound? Yes! While Conductor was developed around inbound principles and philosophies, Growth is all encompassing, and you absolutely should be treating those efforts as experiments as well!
What if I need help with some of the marketing? Growth is BIG, and it's difficult for any one person to manage all aspects of it. In the early days, you may not have a choice based on your budget. But as you grow, it's important to have a resource you can count on for picking up the slack. As a simple solution, we offer ala carte resources--professionals who are certified in Experimental Marketing and have hands-on experience participating in the program detailed in Conductor.
I don't have a team--does this work for solo practitioners?

Growth is meant to be collaborative, and it's better when you are. Conductor does stand on its own, but we recommend finding a team of people you can collaborate with, so it's not always you providing feedback to your own campaigns. That's why we created "Connector," A first-of-its-kind functional MasterMind group. In addition to getting access to Conductor, you'll be apart of a group of entrepreneurs and marketing professionals, led by the experts who developed the Growth strategy framework you'll be using. CLICK HERE to learn more

Can you bring this into

Conductor is currently only a Basecamp 4 template, but we are developing a version as well. CLICK HERE to join the waitlist


Do you accept payment plans? We created a month-to-month option that also comes with peer networking and group mentoring. You get Conductor in month 2 for no additional cost, and keep your access as long as your membership is active. CLICK HERE to learn more about Connector
See it first-hand

Schedule a live demo

Customized to your painpoints and goals, we'll provide a 30-minute explorative demo showing you our growth strategy framework, a step-by-step marketing plan that takes the guesswork out of launching and running Growth Marketing.


Purchase Conductor today, and in as little as 24 hours*, we'll have your template environment set up and waiting for you inside of Basecamp 4.

Recommended Pre-requisites:


*Assuming all recommended pre-requisites have been completed