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Growtholamew McNorthstar

F*** you, call me Growgy
Implementer of


With a background deeply rooted in telling people what's what, Growgy (what appears to be a combination of "Growth" and "Strategy,") brings the noise to shut down s****d f*****g ideas and elevate s***t that grows businesses.

When he's not working, you'll find him mocking plot-holes in the back of movie theaters, trolling marketers selling snake oil on social media, and generally telling f****g i***s where they can shove their bulls***t ideas.


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  • Growth strategy
  • Finding holes in half-baked ideas
  • Teachin' lessons about humility
  • Shutting down s**t ideas
  • Inbound
  • Generally being a total f*****g a*****e
  • Being awesome
  • Growing the f**k out of businesses

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Marketing Strategy Meeting - 10/2023 (Zoom recording)

Watch Growgy wreck these fools and their "viral" strategy nonsense in this uncut Director's Edition of him telling it like it is.

Nobody puts Growgy in the corner!!!

Double exposure of success businessman using digital tablet with london building and social media diagram
"What the F**K does that have to do with growing your business?
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Me, b****S! GROWGYGrowth Strategist
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Are you investing in growth but having a hard time seeing the ROI? According to Growgy, it's probably because you're not being strategic enough. And that's just like wearing a bacon suit and putting yourself inside the mouth of a hungry alligator--In other words, NOT good! 

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