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A Marketing Agency built for Growth

Experience Growth Marketing at its Best

A Growth Marketing Agency obsessed with Winning

As a data-driven Growth agency obsessed with your North Star, we don't let 'vanity' metrics like impressions and clicks become the goal. In Growth, only one thing matters, and we built a service offering to reflect that. Taking a strategic approach to leads, technology and automation, websites, and Sales, we help businesses grow. 

Lead Generation  
Sales Enablement  
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Your North Star is Our North Star

The only thing that matters to you is the only thing that matters to us - more North Star wins. Watch the video to learn more!

What is a Growth Marketing Agency?

Growth is a choice, and we help you achieve it through sales, marketing, and automation

Growth Strategy

Growth should be a strategic investment that covers the entire customer experience, not just top-of-funnel initiatives like inbound lead generation. For us, it's all about the North Star Metric (learn about the North Star), which is as strategic as it gets.

With our Growth strategy, leads matter, but so do:
  • Activated leads (Deals)
  • Revenue
  • Retention
  • Referrals
growth strategy

Inbound lead generation

Inbound lead generation is a great way to develop new business opportunities. It puts you in control of your sales pipeline and provides a unique perspective on your customers and their journeys.

Our formula is simple:
  • Attract strangers
  • Convert leads
  • Close deals
  • Achieve more North Star wins!
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Growth Infrastructure

Your tech stack has the power to improve productivity, quality, and overall impact. With Growth, we use tech to inform decision-making and automate Marketing & Sales sequences. Sustainable Growth strategy starts with a clean tech stack.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • CRM implementation
  • Marketing automation
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Imports & database cleanups
Growth infrastructure

Not sure where to start? Try this free tool!

We've assessed thousands of businesses investing in Growth and developed an algorithm to help you find the best digital growth agency or resources available--based purely on the context of your business


Websites carry the potential to improve the customer experience at every level, from Acquisition to Referral. Our formula for website development is scientific and fast.

In 9 weeks, you get:
  • Strategy informed by data
  • Template informed by strategy
  • Content informed by you
  • Ideas for improvement informed by users
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Sales Enablement

Make sure those top-tier marketing strategies pay off. Give your B2B sales team the best chance at finding and closing more deals with Sales Enablement. Our formula is collaborative, scientific, and built to win.

With Sales Enablement, you get:
  • More deals and customers from inbound
  • CRM adoption
  • Marketing ideas
  • Full-funnel transparency
Sales Enablement


Marketing experimentation is the secret to achieving North Star wins. By leveraging short, 2-week sprint cycles for informing production decisions, we keep you focused on what matters today by reading outcomes from yesterday.

With marketing experimentation, you get:
  • Shortened production cycles
  • Data-informed decisions
  • A platform for new ideas
  • Rapid scaling
Growth hacking
Other Growth Marketing Agencies deliver vanity metrics

Our clients love how we help them GROW

Nurys headshot-1
Nurys Harrigan-PedersenPresident @ CNP Staffing

Trusted ally!

Working with Orange Pegs has been a game-changer for our business. Their innovative strategies and dedicated team have propelled our brand to new heights. From crafting compelling campaigns to boosting our online presence, they've exceeded our expectations at every turn!

(read Nurys' full review)

Ronn Wallace-1
Ronn WallaceMarketing Manager @ AWKO Law

Invaluable Partner!

They helped us reduce our customer acquisition costs by a significant amount--and instilled a culture of growth that continues to compound our success!

(read Ronn's full review)

Tim MacDonald-1
Tim MacDonaldAVP @ Tradier

Highly recommend!

They're not like other agencies in that they are 100% committed to business growth and agile in their approach. They bring new ideas, their team is amazing, and most importantly, they're helping us grow!

(read Tim's full review)

Leads, Sales, automation, experimentation

How can a Revenue Growth Agency help you grow?

Fill out the form to schedule a time to speak with a growth consultant. We will walk through your goals and hurdles, and see if Orange Pegs' specialized growth marketing team is right for you.

On the call, we will put our heads together and explore what a growth agency can do, including:

  • Inbound lead generation
  • Growth Hacking
  • B2B Sales Enablement
  • Costs & resource requirements

There's no obligation to move forward, and all growth consultations are free. We're not right for everybody, but even those who aren't a match walk away with a sense of direction and clarity :)