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Find and Fill More Job Orders--Faster

The Formula for Filled Job Orders

Most staffing agency marketing strategies struggle to adapt to disruptive change. That's a problem when change is everywhere.

The traditional structure of Marketing is broken. It's too narrow in its influence. It's wired to drive decision-making from content calendars created 6-months ago (that took 6 months to plan)--and it generally comes from a place that excludes balanced input from Sales, Recruiting, and/or hard data to begin with. This can make growing a staffing agency today feel impossible, because with that approach it is.

Our model is different.  Rooted in Agile philosophy that obsesses over your North Star Metric (not marketing KPIs), we know how to get clients for a staffing agency. We're driven by a framework that includes short productivity cycles (not content calendars) and structured collaboration models that build on the outcomes of right now. We're helping staffing companies all across the United States find and fill more jobs than ever.

How we do it:


Get Marketing on the same page with Sales, Recruiting, and Leadership's vision

Getting aligned is a critical first step to productive Growth investments. In our formula, we take a holistic, mind-body-soul approach.

First, we address business culture. It's the number 1 reason why transformations and projects fail (source), so it becomes mission number 1 (check out our free training on how to build Growth Culture). Second, we align on what success looks like at every stage of the customer journey to prevent any confusion about expectations. Third, we align on the very basics of who does what, where to go for help, and how to hold one another accountable.


Develop a true strategy that covers the entire customer experience

Our Growth Strategy service is about two things: a framework for bringing your vision to life that isn't restricted by tactics and your first (of many) experiment ideas. 

Using the foundation set by Alignment, we lead you through a series of workshop exercises to qualify your data, review your competitors, and develop and explore new ideas--for content, platforms, messaging, and execution. We use data to ask questions, research to validate theories, and our proprietary framework to narrow in on the first campaigns.


Close your blind spots and eliminate unnecessary time-wasters

Our Growth Infrastructure Solutions are all about helping your sales, recruiting, and marketing investments work together. But it's not just integrating tech and creating dashboards. It's about the architecture itself, the value it provides to Sales, Recruiting, and Marketing--and the processes for making it all work.

Infrastructure done right helps us see clearly and execute cleanly.


Create actionable content that drives tangible growth outcomes

Content positioned for Growth will help you attract visitors and lead them to meaningful answers & actions--including those that involve job orders and placements. When we launch your first round of content, it will be focused on the area of the customer experience that needs it the most. It will be strategic and geared for North Star wins. 

Companies looking for recruiters will find you because we'll help you get in front of their queries.


Grow your business through Agile experimentation

Our industry-leading growth hacking program explores and enhances the entire end-to-end journey including discovery, lead conversion, job order creation, recruitment, retention, expansion, and evangelism. All areas and phases of the sales funnel can be tested, and therefore, are on the table when growth hacking your staffing agency.


Enable Sales & Recruiting to create and fill more job orders, faster

Our Recruitment & Sales Enablement Service provides 3 growth-critical outcomes: Alignment between sales, recruiting, and marketing, (re)engineered sales tools and templates, and an ongoing state of performance improvement. We bring your and recruitment champions to the table from day 1, and provide never-ending support for tools, process adoption, and inbound lead quality.

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Your North Star

is our obsession

Take a dive into the world of Orange Pegs with this short video explaining why staffing and recruitment agencies hire us. Companies are looking for recruitment partners--we help them find you.


The Validation

Check out what our staffing agency clients are saying!
Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen
Nurys Harrigan-PedersenPresident @ Careers in NonProfits

"Their innovative strategies and dedicated team have propelled our brand to new heights"

(read Nurys' full review)

Deborah Hills
Deborah HillsCEO @ Nicklas Medical Staffing

"Our agency is growing exponentially thanks to Orange Pegs. We give them 5 stars!"

(read Deborah's full review)

Robin Clokey
Robin ClokeyARM Staffing

“highly recommend Orange Pegs to any organization that is looking to strategically grow their business portfolio”

(read the full review)

Jelena Mijajlovic
Jelena MijajlovicCEO @ MYVA360

“knowledgeable and fun to work with, and they really know their way around growth!”

(read the full review)

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