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Growth Marketing for Startups

Programs starting at $2,000/mo (including tech & ads)

Full Service

Strategy & Tactical

With full-service, we own, lead, and execute your startup marketing strategy. Through guided collaborations, you provide insights, subject matter expertise, and vision.

Starting at $10,000/month

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Strategy & Some Tactical

With the hybrid model, we own and lead your growth marketing program, and you or your pre-existing team execute it. Through a structured collaboration model, we tap into your existing startup marketing tactics.

Starting at $7,500/month

Startup growth marketing services

Ala carte

Fill the gap(s)

Our ala carte services are designed to complement your existing resources and support your program. Our players are trained in Experimental Marketing and the 2-week Sprint cycle and can drive from the backseat. We fill the gaps and get you moving.

Starting at $1,500/month

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Get Certified in Growth Strategy for FREE

Our entire program packed into 11 lessons and more than 2-dozen functional tools and resources


Introducing Conductor™️

Developed over 10 years, around a Growth Methodology that has been hailed by industry leaders and clients alike--Conductor provides the framework for you need to launch and run your growth campaigns without any of the guesswork. Conductor is one of the startup marketing tools you can't live without.


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Group Mentoring

Get Connected with Connector™️

Our MasterMind group brings Growth to life by providing instructor-led collaborations to marketing professionals and solopreneurs. Get support for everything from methodology to actionable content marketing tips from peers and experts.


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Say "hello" to Experimental Marketing

We took 10 years of experience launching and running Growth programs for startups, and developed a methodology built into a certification program that you can learn and deploy for your business!


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Enable your Startup Marketing Strategy to win more, FASTER

What our formula entails

Our Startup Marketing Strategy template was developed nearly a decade ago at a fortune 100 company that was struggling to grow its new apps. By executing marketing as experimentation, a formula for rapid discovery was developed. Below, we break down the formula that's successfully launched hundreds of startup marketing programs.

Overview - the Model

'Experimental Marketing' is strategic, collaborative, & Agile

Focusing on your company's most important metric, the North Star, our model leaves nothing to chance when it comes to growing your business. Nothing is off limits, so we developed platforms for collaboration between Sales, Marketing, Service, Leadership, and Growth. And, Startups can't afford to move slowly, so we designed it to move fast. Get up and running in 3-weeks, and leverage 2-week sprint cycles to react to impact in real-time.

Check out the 3-lesson preview of our Certification to learn more


Align your Growth-Makers for maximum impact

Through an instructor-led roundtable workshop and follow-up definition and accountability document, we help you align your most important Growth investments in week 1. Growth is transformative. It's a state of mind, a business culture, and a way of conducting marketing as experiments. Transformations like this are more likely to succeed when you have a plan. Ours includes steps to align your growth-makers on day one.

Riding solo? Learn how Connector changes that


Align your Growth-Makers for maximum impact

Our Startup Strategy provides two growth-critical outcomes: A quality data-stream & a qualified growth program that embraces your mission, vision, and voice, with all roads leading to the your North Star... whether that's trial sign-ups, paid customer conversions, tech consumption, exponential growth, or something entirely unique to your business--all of it matters in Growth. In week two, we help you explore your GTM opportunities based on internal and external data and an instructor-led collaboration workshop with your team. 

Riding solo? Learn how Connector changes that


Reduce time-wasters + amplify impact with tech & process

A solid tech stack (tools + how they communicate) is key to offloading menial tasks and reducing delays. Founder bandwidth is too valuable to be wasted on exporting and re-exporting reports. It's also an opportunity to accelerate your growth trajectory. You don't need to reinvent the CRM or marketing automation platform in order to grow. The right tech stack, configuration, and process will help you see better, learn faster, and do more

Our template, Conductor, spells it all out


Develop content that propels your business

Content is the lifeblood of Growth Marketing. It includes every word, note, image, sound, and video and how they all come together to grow your business. Launching is all about addressing today's most important problem(s) with content, infrastructure, and automation, no matter where in the customer experience it's needed the most. Our methodology contains templates for developing your different concept ideas as well as the steps and sequences for bringing them to launch. With Connector, we'll be your sounding board. Membership includes your own instance of Conductor as well!

Our template, Conductor, spells it all out


Use Agile cycles of experimentation to move with velocity and momentum

Our Growth Marketing program explores and enhances the entire end-to-end journey including Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention, and Referral (learn about "AARRR Pirate Metrics"). All areas and phases of the typical product/marketing funnel can be tested, and therefore, are in scope when it comes to Growth. Executing Marketing as experiments and operating in 2-week sprint cycles allows you to find ideas that generate quick results and react to data and in real time.

Learn how to turn marketing into experiments with our free lesson

Sales Enablement

Synergy that amplifies the impact of your Growth-Makers

With Sales Enablement, you get three critical outcomesAlignment, Sales infrastructure, and ongoing synergy with Marketing. This is the most critical juncture for growth investments made by B2Bs with a managed sales cycle. Failure here will almost certainly lead to a complete breakdown in your Growth investments.Our methodology includes meeting templates, experiment commitments and ideas for Sales, and steps for building the bridges between the typically conflicted groups.

Riding solo? Learn how Connector changes that



Growth hacking testimonial
Mike PorathCEO @ The Mighty

"More than just getting results, Orange Pegs helped us build a growth culture that put us on a new trajectory."

Cognivue round
Kristin DiProsaVP of Marketing @ Cognivue

Through the fundamentals and also a data-driven, experimental approach we are always learning and pivoting, and it has led to tremendous gains ..."

(read the full review)

Janet Jaiswal
Janet JaiswalMarketing @Aeris & MeetingSift

“Orange Pegs is a firm that I will work with again and again.”

(read the full review)

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Scale your startup


Learn how our growth model instills the proper culture while solving your most pressing puzzles on your way to scaling.

In less that 20-minutes together, we'll know whether we're a fit, and we'll cover a lot of ground in the process... Together, we'll learn:

  • How our model aligns with your goals
  • What you can start doing today
  • The gaps in your existing plans (if there are any)
  • Where in the sales continuum we can provide the most support