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Sales Enablement Services

Business growth isn't just a marketing or sales play... it's an everything play

Our Sales Enablement Leaders Help You Win More

Enablement is Empowerment

We help businesses derive value out of their growth, inbound and digital marketing investments through collaboration, tech, and accountability. By helping your sales team close business with marketing, you amplify the value of both departments. See how our program can boost inbound sales almost immediately.


Sales Enablement Toolkit

Download our guide to equip your sales enablement leaders with the b2b sales enablement tools needed to drive sales success at scale. Develop a plan that combines technology, process, content, and targeted methodology to take control of your sales outcomes.
Sales enablement strategy guide


Our Sales Enablement process positions your sales and marketing teams for collaborative success. We'll help you create a plan that drives cohesion and results with all the key players.

  • Process: Best practices + you
  • Division of labor: MQL & SQL
  • Commitments: Signed SLA
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Seamless integration of sales enablement processes, technology, and best practices to support your sales team. We'll get you set up in cutting edge sales enablement software, and equip to you use it:

  • CRM setup
  • Template creation
  • Marketing & sales automation
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Our Sales Enablement Team will provide you with best practices, one-on-one coaching, and supportive tools that get you moving in the right direction. Whether you need a full process overhaul or just a few minor tweaks to maximize your investments, we'll help you:

  • Adopt best practices for modern B2B selling
  • Align sales activities with business objectives
  • Transition to agile and growth-centric selling practices
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Hear it from leading Sales Enablement professionals

Articles about B2B Sales & Marketing

We love sharing our experiences with inbound and b2b sales. Check out some of the latest news, practices, and sales enablement toolkits, written by seasoned sales professionals. You'll also find various sales enablement content designed to get you moving fast.


"We initially sought the help of Orange Pegs for lead generation, but they are so much more than that ... They’re strategic, systematic, and agile. They’ll champion your vision, understand your customers, adapt to YOU, and help you evolve your sales and marketing culture with a program that generates indisputable results. Their expertise and commitments to growth are unlike anything we’ve ever come across, and we cannot recommend them enough!" (read Mark's full review)

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Mark ArrowCEO @ Headcount Management


Learn how to grow your company with a data-driven sales strategy. Our growth services are not a one-size-fits-all solution. For many, our sales enablement visionaries are the difference-makers for achieving tangible value from their growth investments.

Let's set up a time to chat through your goals, and the barriers that are preventing your from sales success. Together, we'll determine whether a formal sales enablement program with Orange Pegs will fill the gaps. 

  • Diagnose your goals & challenges
  • Review your b2b sales leads and sources
  • Learn about our inbound sales process
  • Identify growth solutions that make (dollars and) cents