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Agile Growth Marketing Services

Get strategic about your approach to sales & marketing


We're taking a strategic approach to marketing and sales that is agile and geared toward achieving your "North Star Metric (what's that?)." Our Growth Marketing services combine both sides of the brain — leaning on data to make critical decisions while evoking the vision of your leaders. We're lean, try many things at once, reactive to impact, and our sphere of influence is enormous (read about that here).

Here's how it works:

We start by inviting you into our template, where we lead you through a launch sequence that has your first experiments deployed in as little as three weeks. Our template is broken down into five phases:


Proprietary Methodology

Our growth marketing services methodology centers around your company's North Star Metric. Starting with a series of workshops and ending with researched hypotheses, we surface new opportunities, diagnose your business, test ideas for sales, marketing, and service, and lay out an Agile plan that addresses your challenges head-on.

The Orange Pegs Growth Marketing Workshop Cycle:

Surface In a workshop/roundtable format, we'll review your data, analyze your competition, and generate new ideas together
Diagnose Leveraging context from our workshops, we'll analyze quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral data to determine your ideal first steps
Test We take a lean approach to growth, starting with experiments that test basic concepts--from message and imagery to platform and spend
Plan We'll help you prioritize ideas and resources ideas based on Impact to your North Star, Cost, and Ease of execution (learn about ICE)
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Take the North Star Quiz!

Is your North Star metric (learn more) leading you astray? Or, is it the guiding light that illuminates your path to growth? Powered by an algorithm based on our first-in-class growth model, our North Star Quiz will give you an honest review of your single most important metric along with foundational knowledge for improving it.

Just answer 4 key questions about the way you define your North Star today, and our algorithm will provide a detailed summary of where and how it empowers you. It'll also help you get back on track in the areas it's leading you astray.


In our first week together, we'll get ALL of your stakeholders, decision-makers, and contributors on the same page when it comes to Growth.

  • Instructor-led Alignment workshop
  • Educational guidance (certifications) 
  • Documented center of truth (SLA)
  • Self-imposed accountability


In week two, we'll help you develop a sales and marketing game plan that's rooted in vision, data, and real-world context.

  • Collaborative Growth workshop
    • PMF, messaging, platforms
    • Qualitative data and competitive analysis
    • Full funnel ideation
  • Research
  • Concept development (entire funnels)


In week three, we upgrade your tech stack (CRM, Marketing, Sales, Service) with strategic and aligned integrations, customizations, and automation

  • Contact, Company, & Deal properties
  • Workflows & sequences
  • Domain connections
  • Templates (email, blogs, sales sequences)
  • Conversion tracking
  • Social media & paid ad setups
  • Dashboards


Also in week 3, we develop and launch your first set of experiments and run TWO full concept test sprints before deploying your content MVP

  • Main content event (offer, page, asset)
  • Promotional content (blogs, emails, ads)
  • Sales-specific (email templates, flyers, etc)
  • Supporting content (landing pages, CTAs)
  • Data-informed decision-making from the start


Growth hacking is where the rubber hits the road--starting in as little as three weeks, we'll have you performing experiments that drive business growth

  • Agile, 2-week sprints
  • Data-informed decision-making
  • Full-funnel focus (go where the pain is)
  • Structured cycles of ideation & iteration


They brought great ideas and innovative leadership--we brought growth (SEE MORE REVIEWS)

They bring new ideas, their team is amazing, and most importantly, they're helping us grow!"

(see full testimonial here)
Tim MacDonald, VP of Marketing
Tim MacDonaldVP of Marketing @ Tradier

Orange Pegs is a team of superstars who leave nothing on the table when working towards your goals.

(see full testimonial here)
AWKO logo
Ronn WallaceMarketing @ AWKO Law

Their expertise and commitments to growth are unlike anything we’ve ever come across, and we cannot recommend them enough!

(see full testimonial here)
Mark Arrow
Mark ArrowCEO @ Headcount Management

Working with Orange Pegs has been the one of the best business growth decisions our agency has made ... We give them 5 stars!"

(see full testimonial here)
Deborah Hills
Deborah HillsCEO @ Nicklas Staffing

OP is a strong ally that has helped the rapid growth of our business; we feel lucky to have them!"

(see full testimonial here)
Kristin DiProsa
Kristin DiProsaVP of Marketing @ Cognivue


Learn how to grow your company with experimental and iterative marketing.

  • Diagnose your challenges
  • Review your growth readiness
  • Learn about our growth process
  • Identify a path to growth you can count on... literally

Growth is not a one-size fits all solution. It requires the proper tools, product/service, and most importantly, mindset. Our growth marketing team will help you see whether it's right for your company.