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Marketing Consulting Services

Ala Carte support for businesses investing in Growth
Experts in Growth

Roles we fill

When you hire an outsourced marketing consultant from Orange Pegs, you don't just get talent--you get talent that KNOWS Growth. More specifically, they know how to execute Growth using a platform and methodology that we developed over the last 10 years. Certified in Experimental Marketing Strategy, our marketing consultants come in with a plan and experience working in remote Agile teams.

Our Freelance Marketing Consultants & Bundles:

Your project driver

Program Manager

Referred to as "Growth Leads" in our world, Program Managers are here to drive and own your Growth program. They offer strategic guidance and are accountable for the overall program performance. Working closely with your senior leaders and marketing contributors, they:

  • Materialize and actionize founders' vision
  • Run your workshops and meetings
  • Provoke & provide new ideas for content
  • Create and foster alignment & culture
  • Oversee all aspects of Growth
birds eye view of a program manager in marketing
Your deadline-evoker

Project Manager

Project Managers are the life-blood of your Growth Marketing efforts. They take a load of stress off of your plate by making sure things get done, nothing falls through the cracks, and everybody is kept in the loop. Working closely with your Growth Lead or Program Manager, they:

  • Assign and organize tasks
  • Chase and negotiate deadlines
  • Coordinate and manage meetings
  • Maintain Conductor & Catalyst
  • Organize the chaos of Growth
  • Drive and sustain productivity
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Your story-sellers

Content Creators

Content is found in every aspect of Growth. It's how you communicate to strangers, leads, customers, and fans--in order to motivate engagements, opportunities, deals, and sales. Our content creators are experienced in helping businesses grow. Working at the direction of your Growth Lead and tasks assigned by your Project Manager, they can help with:

  • Long & short-form copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Content assembly
  • Social media
  • Web development
  • Email marketing
  • Chatbots
Project Manager
Your architect and automater

System Engineers

Infrastructure is the bedrock of Growth. It informs critical decisions, streamlines communications, and minimizes mission-distracting busy-work. Leveraging proven templates, our system engineers configure tech stacks that maximize every Growth investment you make. Working off of strategic direction from your Program Manager, they can help with:

  • Workflow automation and chatbots
  • CRM configurations and custom objects
  • Marketing setups & integrations
  • Data modeling & conversion tracking
  • CMS experiments
Marketing consulting services systems engineer
Your Growth guide

Group Mentoring (Connector)

Collaboration is the essence of Growth. When you're operating alone or are just getting started, a mentor can save you a lot of time and money. Our mentorships occur in groups of peers and come with our pre-programmed project management tool, Conductor, and our Experiment Management tool, Catalyst. Leveraging agency experience in launching thousands of campaigns over 11 years, our Growth Mentors will help you by:

  • Providing guidance for launching & running Growth
  • Directing usage of our tools & templates
  • Serving as an ideation collaborator 
  • Giving campaign advice and feedback
  • Networking and group-thinking with peers
Marketing consulting services Growth Mentor
Your tree-shakers

Workshop leadership

Speed is what makes Growth Agile. Speed to market. Speed in learning. Speed in reacting. One of our alpha tactics for taking ideas to market fast is workshops. Our workshops are concentrated bursts of collaborative energy that minimize bottlenecks that breakdown launch cycles before they even begin. Leveraging our templates and contributions from your senior leaders, Program Manager, Marketers, and Sales or Service team, our workshop leaders help with:

  • Sales & Marketing alignment
  • Process & accountability
  • Targeting & messaging 
  • Evaluating the competition
  • Ideation for your first campaigns
  • Prioritization of your first ideas
Marketing consulting services Workshop leadership

Program Bundles

Just looking for help with aligning your Growth-Makers or developing your Strategy?
Your first stop

Alignment Bundle

Growth investments perform better when Sales, Marketing, Service, and leadership's vision align. Understanding who you're targeting and why along with how Sales and Marketing will operate together, and how each party will be held accountable is a critical first step toward Growth achievement. It's also the first step we take when engaging with a new client. As a standalone offering, you get:

  • 1-hour workshop prep + a 4-hour instructor-led workshop
  • A document detailing targeting, collaboration standards, and hand-off procedures
  • Accountability commitments from your team
  • CRM programming guidance (optional)
  • Custom portal for Sales (B2B-only)
Marketing consulting services Alignment bundle-1
Your Starting point

Strategy Bundle

Growth is a strategic investment, which means it's all about the big picture. Our method is strategic because it covers the entire customer journey, and leaves nothing off the table when it comes to influencing North Star wins. Our Strategy bundle has one goal - to develop a Growth Marketing plan that addresses your most pressing challenges today while setting the stage for Agile response. It marks Week 2 of our Growth program. As a standalone offering, you get:

  • 1-hour workshop prep + a 3-hour instructor-led workshop
  • Delivery of 2 to 3 fully-baked launch concepts
  • Research showing the reasoning behind the concepts
  • Concept recommendation
  • 1st experiment suggestions
Chess board with all pieces but the King pixelated and gray
Your MVP experiments

Content Launch Bundle

Content is a Growth staple. It's how you motivate activity and move people from Stranger to Customer. When you're first getting started with Growth, a content offer is a good way to test ideas and establish value and a flow of opportunities for Sales. Our Content Launch Bundle includes all of the players needed to take an idea to publication. At the direction of your Program Manager, the bundle will look like this:

  • Offer (ebook, calculator, chatbot)
  • Landing and thank you pages
  • Automated nurturing sequence
  • Opt-in email blast sequence
  • 2 weeks of social media posts
  • MVP ad sets
growth hcontent launch metaphor
“When you extend your team with Orange Pegs, suddenly you have a full-service team enabling your company to do so much more. Orange Pegs made it possible for us to successfully implement inbound, SEO/SEM and social campaigns!”
Marty Brandwin
Marty BrandwinVP of Marketing @ VIAcode

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