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What is a North Star Metric?

It's why your company exists--Watch the video to learn more
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A North Star in Business is everything--Are you embracing yours?

Learn how our obsession over this metric helps businesses like yours win

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How Effective is Your North Star?

Take the quiz to find out what's missing and how to fix it

Is your North Star metric (learn more)  the guiding light that illuminates your path to Growth? Powered by an algorithm based on our first-in-class growth model, our North Star Quiz will give you an honest review of your single most important metric along with foundational knowledge for improving it.

Just answer 4 key questions about the way you define your North Star today, and our calculator will do the rest!

How aligned are you around your

Highest Purpose as a Company?

Your North Star metric is a device used to unify your vision while giving contributors at every level a path for meaningful contributions. But not every North Star goal gets it right. Identifying the right way to measure success also provides a path for achieving more of it. A North Star goal should be:
  1. Measurable
  2. Directional
  3. Cultural
  4. Balanced

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