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Team Orange PegsMay 30, 2022 4:22:00 PM5 min read

Top 5 B2B Inbound Lead Generation Agencies


Inbound has become a staple in marketing over the last decade, and finding the right fit for your business is as much about context as it is ability. So, we gathered our favorite inbound lead generation agencies, and whittled it down to 5 based on industry, need, and competency.

Top b2b lead generation companies in the US

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Agency Name: Orange Pegs
Online Profile: Hubspot Solutions Partner
Industry Verticals:
 Tech, startups, software, SaaS, staffing, B2B, D2C
Location: United States (virtual, from Hawaii to New York)
Specialties: Growth Marketing, Sales Enablement, Inbound, Hubspot
Claim(s) to Fame: Collaboration template, Agile model, FAST (ready to launch in only 3 weeks!


"Highly recommend for digital marketing/branding

Orange Pegs was(/is) a great investment for growing our business. They're strategic, methodical, thoughtful, reactive, and responsive. They're not like other agencies in that they are 100% committed to business growth and agile in their approach. They bring new ideas, their team is amazing, and most importantly, they're helping us grow!"


"Are your outbound lead generation efforts leading you in the wrong direction? We can help you attract visitors to your website, convert them into leads, and nurture them into buying mode. Transform a simple impression online into an engaged customer... over and over again--We'll make your website an active participant in your sales process with our inbound lead generation services."

Visit our website to learn more, download an inbound lead gen playbook, and schedule time with a D2C and B2B inbound lead generation expert.
  • Inbound Lead Generation
  • Sale Enablement
  • Experimentation (Growth Hacking)




Agency Name: Smart Bug
Industry Verticals: Finance, SaaS, Senior Care, Manufacturing ...
Location: United States (Orange County, CA)
Specialties: Inbound marketing, PR, Branding, Hubspot
Claim(s) to Fame: One of the oldest and biggest inbound agencies ever



"Working with SmartBug on our new website was an absolute pleasure! From project kickoff to design and development to post-launch support, Megan and team were collaborative and responsive. We’re so pleased with the final product—which launched even earlier than we had hoped—and couldn’t have asked for a better partner throughout the entire process."


"What matters most to your business is what matters most to us. We prioritize the most actionable opportunities to achieve your goals faster.
  • 90-day Plan
    Using the agility of a 90-day plan, we can quickly align with market changes and prioritize projects by business impact.
  • Flexible, Data-Driven Retainer
    We focus on the activities that are delivering results and adjust our strategy to champion what’s working.




Agency Name: Weidert Group
Industry Verticals: Manufacturing, Shipping, Transportation
Location: United States (Appleton, WI)
Specialties: Inbound lead generation strategy, Hubspot
Claim to Fame: Hubspot award winner



"My experience in working with Weidert has been extremely positive. Everyone is amazingly knowledgeable, intelligent, and a pleasure to work with. They have supported our efforts in taking our brand, ESOP knowledge, and education to the next level. I look forward to what our future holds with us alining our efforts to increase the ESOP community across the country.


"Weidert Group is a full-service inbound agency and HubSpot Diamond Partner focused on generating and closing leads for businesses in complex industries. Our expertise spans the complete range of services needed to execute a comprehensive, integrated inbound marketing, sales and service strategy."


T Media Consulting


Agency Name: T Media Consulting
Industry Verticals: Tech, startups, software, SaaS, staffing, B2B, D2C
Location: United States (Medford, MA)
Specialties: Inbound, Hubspot
Claim(s) to Fame: Personal touch, quality content


"Tara is a pleasure to work with! She is very knowledgeable and comes with years of experience. Over the last 2.5 years she has been helpful with pitching new ideas, creating a strong marketing strategy and has always been very communicative with everything she does. She also has been such a great support with HubSpot and has saved us a huge amount of time when structuring sequences, creating lead forms, etc. Highly recommend!"


"Our team specializes in Inbound Marketing and HubSpot implementation for B2B And B2C companies all over the globe. Go to market strategy, rebranding, lead generation, acquisition strategy, and marketing campaign development and execution are core offerings. We are process-oriented, clear, and concise when developing roadmaps for our client's strategies. Tara has 15+ years of blending traditional efforts with Inbound to ensure alignment of teams and revenue growth. Request a 30 min FREE consult to see if our needs align!"



Direct Development


Agency Name: Direct Development
Industry Verticals: Non Profit, Education
Location: United States (Washington DC)
Specialties: Inbound, mission-oriented
Claim(s) to Fame: Strategic, highly knowledgeable in NP and education industries


"Over 12+ years of results-driven collaboration!

I've had the pleasure of working with the Direct Development team for over 12 years. I recently changed institutions and reached out to Direct Development within weeks on the new job to collaborate with them again. I know I can count on them to be responsive and to help with smart strategic planning. I can't imagine not working with them!"


"There are too many choices available, and more channels is not always better. Quality is more important than quantity. Making smart choices requires education, data, and experimentation. You don’t have to outspend in order to outperform. Overcoming your biggest challenges requires letting go of control and letting others help you think outside the box. Technology is your weapon, but how you wield it determines success or failure. Perfection is the enemy of progress, but great work is always worth the extra time. Content matters...context matters even more. Force does not equal friction (and friction is the enemy). There’s no such thing as a stealth applicant. Omni-channel is the biggest scam of the century. Strategy before tactics. You can’t know what to do if you don’t know where you are. Begin with the end in mind."

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