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growth hacker job opening

Growth Hacker

October 2021
Anywhere in the United States


We seek experienced and motivated growth hackers interested in hands-on analysis and marketing experimentation to drive exponential growth and culture change for our clients. You’ll help us test and expand a series of new product models, marketing strategies, and sales tactics based on a proven, profitable best-in-class enterprise growth hacking methodology.

In this role, you'll be working hand-in-hand with our growth leader as you launch and support a comprehensive growth hacking program. The role starts on an hourly basis (2 - 10 per week per project) with a single project, and you'll quickly grow as you prove your chops by generating exciting outcomes for our clients.

The way we see it, there are TWO different categories and subcategories of growth hackers, and we are looking for the right combination.

  • Highly creative vs highly analytical
  • Leadership vs execution

During the interview process, you will be asked to provide specific growth hacking examples where you’ve driven an improvement of magnitude. You also must be comfortable working on Zoom video with a distributed team and client base.

There is massive growth potential and the ability to build your skills and create unique case studies to add to your portfolio in this role. And we are making major waves with the work we're doing. Visit HERE to see our certifications and a list of public testimonials.



  • 2+ years of growth hacking or digital/content/inbound marketing experience
  • Highly collaborative - responsiveness & communication are key
  • Ability to decipher data analysis into insights that result in products, offers, and campaigns that convert
  • Able to take direction and receive objective feedback from the Growth Lead
  • You dream in numbers and a/b tests
  • You hit deadlines - every. one. every. time.



  • Growth & inbound marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Data analytics
  • Organic social media marketing
  • Paid social media marketing
  • SEO & SEM
  • Website development & design



  • Inbound marketing and sales knowledge
  • Knowledge and experience in sales journey enablement
  • Certified in HubSpot Sales and/or Marketing software
  • Certified in Google Ads and/or Analytics
  • 1+ years experience working in an agency
  • Client-facing chops


  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • HubSpot
  • Hotjar or Microsoft Clarity
  • SEO including keyword research tools (SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner)
  • Social Media
  • Paid Media (Search, Social)
  • Email and In-App Messaging
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Project management tool like Basecamp, Asana, or
growth strategy


  • We are looking for professional consultants OR full-time employees
  • We award success with more projects & more $
  • The vast majority of our projects are ongoing (4 - 12 months + renewals)
  • Open to permanent US residents only
  • Individuals only (no agencies)

During the interview process, you will be asked to provide examples of your growth hacking... your role, the types of talents involved, how you executed, read the outcomes and ideated to form a more effective series of experiments. 

What excites us are campaigns that are thoughtful, beautiful, provocative, and results-driven. The people who excite us are passionate about achievement.

You also must be comfortable working on Zoom video with a distributed team and client base. This is a remote position that can be based anywhere in the U.S.... and only in the U.S. Sorry, but you must live IN the United States to work with us.



We're on a mission to help innovative small businesses DOMINATE their growth goals. We believe that growth comes from a balance of science and art, a dance of numbers and pictures, a marriage of formula and faith...

Orange Pegs can help the way businesses grow and love the way they're doing it. We believe that innovation in growth requires strategy, execution, and an unwavering commitment to culture... and we deliver on all fronts.

Our foundational tech stack includes HubSpot, Basecamp 3, Google Analytics, Slack, Google Drive, Hotjar, SEMrush, and various digital advertising channels. 

We are a HubSpot Platinum partner and differentiate from the typical inbound agency in that we apply our growth methodology to the full continuum of sales, not just top-of-funnel objectives like lead generation (although, we do spend a great deal of time there as well). We are driven by a culture of curiosity and experimentation.



Apply today for the chance to work with an incredibly talented and passionate group of growth specialists. We're ready for you!