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Cortney FarmerFeb 5, 2024 10:00:00 AM2 min read

The Number One Cause of Failure in Growth is Forgetting to Come Back

Experimentation is never randomly launching a shot in the dark — it’s intentionally lighting a spark that, over time, can fuel a perpetual flame of Growth for your brand. However, that spark needs to be identified, monitored, and nurtured through ongoing strategic analysis. 

Unfortunately, failing to revisit and analyze experiment outcomes is a common pitfall in the journey of Growth. Knowing how to rate and leverage experiment outcomes can help lift the curtain on the number cause of failure in Growth — the failure to come back to analyze what’s working (and what needs work) in your experiments. Understanding the individual experiment review process is key to advancing clients toward their North Star goals while optimizing time spent effectively.

Here’s what you need to know:

Setting the Right Maturity Date
At Orange Pegs, we delve into the nuance of experiment analysis using Catalyst V1 as our guide. The maturity date isn't just a marker on the calendar; it's a strategic choice aligned with the dynamic nature of Growth that considers factors such as Pirate Metrics, content type, experiment lifecycle stage, and statistical significance. 

Segmenting Based on Cycle and Stage
It’s important to carefully segment every experiment back on the sprint cycle and specific stages – Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, and Retention. This helps dissect timelines for SEM vs SEO, Paid Social vs Organic Social, and other critical elements. Spring and stage segmentation also ensures a tailored approach to analyzing outcomes, considering the diverse nature of experiments at various lifecycle stages.

Navigating Outcomes: KPI Missed, Needs More Testing, and KPI Achieved

No more mere reactions to numbers. Ask the critical questions, such as: 

  • What did we learn?
  • What questions emerged?
  • How do we shape the next act? 

Whether it's a missed beat, a call for further exploration, or a triumphant success, every outcome is a stepping stone toward continuous improvement.

No Matter What the Experiment Outcomes — Always Come Back to Build The Next Step in Your Growth Strategy

When it comes to optimizing sustainable results in any experiment, it’s critical to come back and build your next strategic step toward Growth. Beyond the analysis, every experiment has a next life involving iteration, ideation, or ongoing monitoring. Most importantly, the questions answered and raised during the review process will serve as building blocks for future experimentation.

Orange Pegs Help Business Optimize Long-Term, Sustainable, and Strategic Growth

In the relentless pursuit of Growth, it’s vital to recognize that the journey doesn't conclude with the implementation of experiments. Marketers and Growth enthusiasts must cultivate a habit of intentional review to transform basic outcomes into a catalyst of continuous progress and improvement. As you embark on your Growth marketing endeavors, ask yourself: How can I leverage the outcomes of today to shape the experiments of tomorrow?

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Cortney Farmer

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