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Growth Lead opening

Growth Lead

October 2021
Anywhere in the United States

Strategic Growth Leader -

Next-Level your Career in Digital Marketing Leadership



We are seeking an experienced, analytical, creative, motivated leader in digital marketing to join our team of growth experts. In this re-imagined role in marketing leadership, which oversees all program duties, you will be helping our clients achieve exponential growth through experimentation across the entire sales funnel.

Also known as "Pirate Metrics," we influence growth with the following emphasis:

  • Acquisition - Generate new leads through inbound marketing
  • Activation - Engage leads with the sales cycle
  • Revenue - Close deals
  • Retention - Retain and renew clients
  • Referral - Transform customers into evangelists

And this is where it gets interesting.

After all, we're a growth agencyNOT a digital marketing agency. This means our role and influence is not limited to marketing. We also explore new markets, inform business decisions, help with product development, implement sales initiatives, and anything else we can measure and tie to the North Star metric while leaning into our digital strengths.

The Growth Lead starts as a part-time freelance/consulting opportunity -- for the right fit(s), there's a full-time gig with health benefits, paid holidays, and competitive salary. This person will be expected to oversee and preserve aspects of the Orange Pegs growth hacking model, work closely in a growth leadership role with clients, manage any growth hackers and marketing contributors assigned to projects, and work closely with other project leads while taking guidance and mentorship from our Senior Growth Leads.

You can work from anywhere in the US and in whatever time frame suits you as long as you're responsive to clients, meet deadlines, and regularly attend the weekly stand-up meetings. But you MUST be based out of the United States



  • Run structured Workshops with clients via Zoom to develop an overarching strategy
  • Develop and prioritize content plan
  • Frame marketing output as experimentation in 2-week cycles
  • Ideate based on experiment outcomes
  • Participate in ongoing client collaborations
  • Lead internal collaborations with team
  • Provide direction and support to Creative Lead 
  • Nurture fresh, provocative, contextual ideas for marketing campaigns
  • Work with Project Manager to delegate creative responsibilities
  • Provide quality oversight to all content creation
  • Execute certain aspects of content delivery (there are many to choose from... we like versatility, but prioritize expertise--SEO, social media, copywriting, graphics, ads management, technology implementations and updates, etc)



  • Direct mentorship from our seasoned Senior Growth Lead team
  • Access to a proprietary collaboration and experimentation cycle tracking platform
  • A collaborative setting involving several other growth leads and hackers
  • Templatized project management tools (Basecamp 3)
  • Clear expectations, open communication, and centralized strategy
  • A team of highly capable marketers and growth hackers
  • Structured processes for creating engaging, efficient, and effective collaborations
  • Industry-leading technology (the sandboxes we play in are FUN)
  • Access to a revolutionary growth model
  • Limitless personal growth potential


Ideally, you're interested in strategic program management and capable of providing hands-on analysis. You know how to break outcomes into actionable tasks, and you can work with your Project Manager to delegate appropriately while staying under budget.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • HubSpot
  • Hotjar or Microsoft Clarity
  • Social Media
  • Paid Media (Search, Social)
  • Email and In-App Messaging
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Project management tool like Basecamp, Asana, or

You're here to drive exponential growth and culture change for our clients. And you have the vision to bring our goals to life.


  • Agile Philosophy
  • Product Marketing
  • User Experience
  • We are looking for professional consultants AND full-time employees
  • The vast majority of our projects are ongoing (4 - 12 months + renewals)
  • This position is client-facing--timely, professional communication a must
  • Presentation and workshop skills are core aspects of this role
  • Open to permanent US residents only
  • Individuals only (no agencies)
growth strategy


During the interview process, you will be asked to provide specific experiences and/or case studies where you’ve driven growth of magnitude, and also elaborate on your experience working directly with clients, and on cross-functional teams. You also must be comfortable working on Zoom video with a distributed team and client base. This is a remote position that can be based anywhere in the U.S.

There is massive growth potential and the opportunity to source and develop junior growth hackers, refine and expand your own skills, and create unique case studies to add to your portfolio in this role. 



We're on a mission to help innovative small businesses DOMINATE their growth goals. We believe that growth comes from a balance of science and art, a dance of numbers and pictures, a marriage of formula and faith...

Orange Pegs can help the way businesses grow and love the way they're doing it. We believe that innovation in growth requires strategy, execution, and an unwavering commitment to culture... and we deliver on all fronts.

Our foundational tech stack includes HubSpot, Basecamp 3, Google Analytics, Slack, Google Drive, Hotjar, SEMrush, and various digital advertising channels. 

We are a HubSpot Platinum partner and differentiate from the typical inbound agency in that we apply our growth methodology to the full continuum of sales, not just top-of-funnel objectives like lead generation (although, we do spend a great deal of time there as well). We are driven by a culture of curiosity and experimentation.

Orange Pegs is the next BIG DEAL in Growth