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Elevate your CPA with these social media management tips
Lucas HamonFeb 12, 2015 3:46:00 PM5 min read

Elevate Your CPA Firm With Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing doesn't just elevate your business, it helps you SOAR

Finding new clients feels great -

A lot of accounting firms are finding their way to social media for business development purposes, and it's working. They're networking on LinkedIn, using their profiles as personal calling cards, and keeping in touch with valuable prospects and clients.

But for the most part, they're doing it with little to no support from their firm. Sure, Managing Partners everywhere have their own profiles, but from a company or firm perspective the support is nil.

This is where it gets exciting though, because when you use social media to enhance your marketing efforts, not just sales, you elevate everything else you're doing.

Here are 6 reasons why and how your firm should and can do more with social media management:

1. Let's face it - Accounting bores and/or terrifies most people

Sally was scared. John was bored. Their tax accountant was confused.

By simply having a company profile along with individual profiles for your partners and managers, you put a friendly, interesting face to something that is neither of those to most people. But it's not fair, because what you do is interesting, complex, and ultimately meant to HELP people.

So, connect with people, and be sure to involve your individual self in real-life conversations in group forums. Your firm should have  profiles on the big 4 (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, & Google+), and rather than leaving it completely static or blasting ads, use them to curate content that matters to your customers.


2. Nobody likes paying taxes, but they can like you

By having company pages that provide valuable information, curated from quality sources, you give reason for customers to follow you. Throw in some specials from time to time, and you'll do even more. "Liking" or following you doesn't mean they are ready to be your customer, but it certainly gives you more opportunities to get in front of them.

Regularly and consistently curate quality content and even write quality blogs that you can distribute on social media, and you're sure to gain a following. Do this with your company page, and have your partners and managers support the effort by sharing and liking the stuff you put out there - again, not all of it should be YOUR content.

(Grab some good social media management tools while you're at it to save time - We use Hubspot but are also a fan of Hootsuite)


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3. You'll elevate your ability to perform

Rock your clients and prospects by connecting with them beyond the typical accounting/client relationship

One of the hardest things for accountants to do is track down clients before the final hour to get their filings in on time. But if they're following you on one of these channels and you are curating and publishing quality content consistently, you'll be able to plant the seeds of the many benefits of filing early throughout the year.

They'll be better customers and you'll be a better service.

4. People will promote your firm for you

If you're any of those four social media platforms, chances are you've shared content crafted by others in an effort to market their company. Heck, I'm asking you to curate content created by others, so is it out of the question to ask them to curate yours? Absolutely not! And because your staff is involved, your efforts are amplified with each one of them.

It's important to develop a voice for your firm, and even when the content is not original, your voice and take on it is. Wouldn't it be nice to know that on hundreds of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google+ feeds, the words, "John shared ABC & Associate's photo?"

And what about your thrilled clients, whom you saved thousands of dollars (or more)? You KNOW they won't have issues helping you get out there.

5. Networking for new clients will be easier

Business networking doesn't just have to happen in person.  Search for your new contacts in LinkedIn- you'll be amazed at how many business owners you'll find there... current and past  customers at that

No matter how hard you may try to remain "old school," you're not doing yourself any favors by being absent on these channels. It's not just for "kids," and it's another place to show the world that you are somebody they want to be doing business with.

And your prospective clients ARE looking for you there. They want to know that you're real, recommended, and not just some fly by night operation. Plus, with your individual profile, you'll have your contacts bridged to your phone and at your hip 24/7/365. Say goodbye to the Rolodex.

6. Your competitors are doing it all wrong

If your competitors have an active company profile page on any of those, they are very likely using them all wrong. They're blasting ads for their firm and posting esoteric jargon that puts everybody to sleep. You, however, have a leg up on them, because you're thinking about this from a service and support philosophy. Inbound vs Outbound.

Many will even have a digital marketing agency behind the scenes doing the work, but still miss out on huge opportunities because there isn't a true social presence. Many are broadcasting when they should instead be helping.

Social media and online marketing consultants can give you the helping hand you need to be active and relevant on social media but still manage a solid book of business

Maybe you need help...

Why hire a social media agency:

Perhaps it's best to bring somebody in who can help you navigate to the proper forums and even ghostwrite for you to ensure you aren't wasting your time or coming off in a negative way. They also have more time for things like this, especially during tax season, the time of year you should REALLY be visible.

Why do it yourself:

Maybe it's a budget issue or perhaps one of trust. Or perhaps it's something you enjoy. Any of these reasons are fine, and to you I suggest deploying your campaigns using the proper tools. I mentioned before that I use Hubspot but also like Hootsuite. This is because I can post on multiple accounts at a time, and can measure my successes.

Either way, make an investment here, because the rest of your outreach efforts will thank you. Sales, marketing, customer service, and even production - everybody wins it's why social media marketing companies may be your best resource - at least to start you off.

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