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Close up of businessman hand drawing business strategy sketches
Lucas HamonOct 12, 2022 6:18:01 AM1 min read

Growth Doesn't Care About Your Feelings

Close up of businessman hand drawing business strategy sketches

It should go without saying — but I'm going to say it anyway:

Growth doesn't care about your feelings.

Growth doesn't have feelings. Growth is about one thing: Achieving your North Star. North Stars are goal fixtures, not people, and it's unreasonable to see them any other way.

At Orange Pegs, we work with CEOs, founders, and business leaders across multiple industries. We've seen firsthand how subjectivity can directly impact successful Growth in their operations. 

In the world of Growth, there is no room or time for assigning blame. Scapegoating is the death of Growth because it doesn't do anything to advance a solution. Instead, it drains significant time, money, and energy.

There IS room to identify what's causing your challenges in Growth, and, in fact, it's required. Understanding causation is essential to Growth because significant strides come from strategic initiatives that solve problems beyond their symptoms.

Surfacing causation is not the same thing as placing blame.

Growth is about identifying problems that bottleneck progress towards your North Star and implementing solutions using the scientific methodology.

The minute we start using terms like "fault" or "credit," we move away from constructive solutions.

Success comes from understanding and embracing an experimenting mindset from day one — committing to an experimenting mindset means we're willing and able to react to both positive AND negative outcomes. 

Sometimes it may feel like somebody's calling your baby ugly when they point out the bottlenecks preventing goal achievement — but they're really not. And, like I said, Growth doesn't care about your feelings, so it doesn't matter how it makes you feel unless that feeling is MOTIVATION that leads to IDEATION.

It's your choice to invest and lean into it — or stick to the echo chamber that's been taking your money for the last 20 years while making you feel good about bad investments.

Growth brings change. Change means something needs fixing. And, let's be real, something ALWAYS needs fixing.

And now you know.

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