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Pictures of Orange Pegs' remote work team
GrowgyFeb 20, 2024 10:35:20 AM4 min read

Growth Marketing Jobs, Orange Pegs Style

Orange Pegs isn't like other companies. We don't do the whole Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, come into an office, wear a tie, don't have a life, sell your soul--thing.

Orange Pegs Specializes in the Remote Work Model 

We're exceedingly structured in how we operate, but we don't let the structures of yesterday dictate that operation. We laugh in the face anti-work-from-home sentiment... usually via Slack or over a Happy Hour Zoom call... and often with a lot of snorting and LOL'ing.

Let's talk about what remote work for Orange Pegs means. I'm going to share what we do, our remote work culture, and our two employment tracks.

What We Do:

Simply put, as a Growth Agency, businesses hire us to help them grow.

We're similar to a digital marketing agency, but there are 3 distinct differences that put working at Orange Pegs head and shoulder above other jobs in digital marketing.

  1. Our influence is massive - Growth marketing focuses on every aspect of the customer experience. That means every department that impacts a company's ability to grow is included, from sales and marketing to service, production, and operations. Our primary tactical function is marketing, but we're positioned to be much more immersive in our influence. So, our Growth Marketing jobs include roles in marketing, sales, development, strategy, you name it.
  2. We're truly Agile - Unlike most marketing agencies, we don't live and die by content calendars. Our structure comes from an Agile process we engineered into a Basecamp 4 template. We operate in 2-week sprint cycles and leverage experimentation and hard data to make decisions. Growth tends to get messy without the Agile framework and template we developed, which can be extremely frustrating for marketing contributors. This is one of the BIG reasons why our turnover is so low.
  3. We're sales-obsessed - We take Growth so seriously that we're even willing to deal with the Sales team to achieve it! The leads we generate actually get called! ... and because we're on the back end, driving the sales methodology, they even close the deals generated by your efforts as well. Our reports look good because they are good.

Our Growth Marketing jobs cover

Our Culture

Did you know that 70% of all business transformations fail and that the vast majority (more than all other reasons combined) flop because of culture? It's true! (source: McKinsey & Company)

We've seen it first-hand, and you probably have too. 

So, we poured ourselves into achieving a business culture that is easy to adopt because it's logical and common sense, and it REALLY works with Growth.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Curious - always poking and provoking and tinkering
  • Neutral - remove bias and emotional toxicity with simply tweaks in how we communicate
  • Collaborative - nobody puts baby (or Growgy) in the corner!

(Learn MORE about growth culture and how we achieve it in our FREE preview of the Experimental Marketing Strategy course & certification)

Our Paths

There are two paths for employment at Orange Pegs - consulting and full-time W2. Most of our full-timers start as consultants, and as we prove ourselves to each other (and grow), we hire them. All  contributors must have a US address and be based here. Other than that, a solid internet connection, and the ability to communicate when we're working, you can be wherever you want.

All OP contributors are required to complete the courses in our Growth Strategy FREE preview (The Model, Culture, and The North Star) because everybody must know how their role contributes to the good of the client (and our directly-impacted tenure). Click HERE to learn more:

The Consultant

From 5 hours a week to 5 hours a day--consultants enjoy the part-time life with OP. Generally, ALL new OP members go through a period as a consultant. We generally start with 1 or 2 projects (between 5 and 10 hours total per week), and give more as we succeed together.

Some of our oldest OP contributors are still consultants (including folks who have been with us since we started in 2013). Because they just love that lifestyle. And, we're here for it.

The Full-Timer

If you're full-time, you're contributing a minimum of 35 hours a week. Although we're not dictating when you do the work, we must be able to communicate and get things done in a timely fashion. Agile means fast, so attentiveness is very important. 

Full timers get unlimited PTO, health, dental, and vision insurance, and a steadier paycheck.


Whether you're a full-timer or lifetime consultant, Orange Pegs is looking for talent that obsesses over business growth. Click HERE to see what our teams are made of and apply if you see anything that fits:

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I tell it how it is. And I take Growth Strategy very seriously. If you're looking for somebody to placate your horrible ideas, let me introduce you to somebody at one of our competitors.