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How Inbound and Modern Technology can Influence Sales (VIDEO)
Lucas HamonNov 16, 2018 1:19:37 PM1 min read

How Inbound and Modern Technology can Influence Sales (VIDEO)

Your sales people are the life blood of your business. It's why they get paid the big bucks, and why it's so much easier for you to invest in new salespeople than new marketing programs.

But would you feel the same about marketing and investments related to marketing if they could provide sales with unquestionable value and support? 

Watch the video below as I role-play the prospecting process of a fresh lead generated through inbound marketing, using the Hubspot Sales Pro CRM.

Then show it to your salespeople, and ask if this kind of a lead and technology support would help them close more deals.

I already know the answer... but you may need some convincing since you've been operating with a certain mindset for as long as you have.

The Play by Play:

How we did it:

There were three steps involved in making all of this possible.

  1. We generated leads through inbound marketing:
    • Attracted visitors to the website through SEO, blogging, social media, & PPC advertising
    • Converted visitors into leads with calls-to-action (CTAs) and links that led people to valuable content offers gated by forms
    • Leveraged an all-in-one marketing program that facilitated distribution while gathering insights into a single timeline

  2. We automatically distributed the leads through a modern CRM
    • Implemented Hubspot Sales Pro
    • Defined each stage in the sales funnel, and created rules of engagement for each step, and criteria for entering and exiting each

  3. We gave sales explicit expectations for handling inbound leads
    • Through collaborative discussions, we executed a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between sales & marketing, bringing definition and objective standards.
    • We measure results and overall impact monthly, and adjust the SLA quarterly.

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Lucas Hamon

Over 10 years of B2B sales experience in staffing, software, consulting, & tax advisory. Today, as CEO, Lucas obsesses over inbound, helping businesses grow! Husband. Father. Beachgoer. Wearer of plunging v-necks.