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Lucas HamonNov 3, 2015 4:30:00 AM5 min read

How can SEO Copywriting Services Help me Get Found Online?

How can SEO Copywriting Services Help me Get Found Online?

SEO Copywriting Services don't JUST get you found online...

Not that it's any small feat to turn your dismal traffic figures into something that makes you feel like your website was a worthwhile investment, but there IS quite a bit more to it than what your Google Analytics report will tell you.

Today I'd like to avoid diving into the debate of comparing content marketing services to copywriting services, but if that's more in line with what you are itching for, check out this blog post from a few weeks back:

Maybe this requires a leap of faith or suspension of disbelief to reconcile the issue, but for this blog to make sense we must assume the two are conjoined. It really is more of a semantics issue than anything else anyway...

So, here it is, how they (whatever you want to call it/them) will help you get found online ... by people who want to buy from you. It's a concept that we've applied to many clients who were tired of paying for SEO and only reaping rewards in the form of Google analytics reports.


1. Discover keywords

One of the most important elements of your SEO strategy is finding keywords that you KNOW people in your buyer's groups are using to find answers to the problems you solve. So, how, exactly does one use copy to determine which keywords are good and which are going to waste your time?

Simple - Put out some good copy. As marketers, we can come up with a strong hypothesis on what is going to drive traffic, whether it be good or meaningless. It isn't until we see it in action in relation to the rest of your marketing & sales process that we'll be able to determine whether it was a good fit. So, instead of flipping your website upside down around a hypothesis, whether it's an educated one or not, why not try the following copywriting efforts?

  • Blog (often) around your newly hypothesized keywords
  • Drive traffic through social media to your new blog posts
  • Email your existing contacts text that uses your keywords in the subject line and even promotes your blog
  • Run some small ads on Google & Bing - send them to landing pages specifically created for them, so you don't dilute your overall results
  • Review the results - Are you getting traffic, and what, exactly, is that traffic doing?

Once you see how your newly hypothesized keywords move the needle or don't, you can search for new ones similar in nature.

Now, it is helpful to have strong tools to make the process of determining your hypothesis somewhat painless, but even then, you should put it into motion before drawing any conclusions and investing in too many resources.

2. Rank for keywords

Okay, so your copywriting experient has yielded some positive results... You have built a connection between your business and contacts through your new copy strategy - now what?

Now it's time to rank.

There are several ways to go about this.

  • Rewrite your on-page content
  • Blog your heart out
  • Get really active on social media, and make sure to use your keywords in your post one-liners... and don't forget about Google+

3. Connect your mission

This is an interesting point, because SEO has historically been such a cold and disconnected component of marketing - at least, to those who seemed to be the MOST successful. It wasn't about quality traffic back in the earlier years, pre-Panda/Penguin, etc... back then it was all about tricking the quality control mechanisms into believing that you were delivering on your promises of being an authoritative website with inbound links, often through fake link farms, and all the jargon necessary to support your expertise, usually through keyword stuffing.

Google would crawl your site, read that you met certain requirements, and would start sending good traffic your way.

But things have changed, and will continue to change as long as we as consumers care about having a quality experience when utilizing Google, Bing, Yahoo, or their smaller competitors. And while those "black-hat" SEO "experts" and "ninjas" continue to work their so-called magic, those multi-billion dollar giants will continue pouring resources into stopping them.

WE, on the other hand, will use this opportunity to engage our readers and visitors to the promises our company's make in solving their problems.

Look at the mission statement you have vowed to uphold and fight for on a daily basis... and use it in every breath of your published copy. Not only will you gain favor with the search engines because people are less likely to bounce, but you'll ENGAGE your visitors to the things you sell.

Less bounce means more traffic.

4. Measure the value of your clicks

Okay, so now you have traffic. That was the goal, right?


Getting found online doesn't mean generating little blips on your traffic report every month. It means getting discovered. It means, you have real people with a genuine interest in what you're selling finding and connecting with you.

To make sure that's what happening, we need an effective measuring stick. How do we do that? We create conversion paths, and we make them easily accessible. Then we measure the conversion percentages, and make sure we're within globally accepted standards or higher, or that we're growing every month to get there.

Examples of collatoral for your conversion paths:

  • Ebooks
  • White papers
  • Calculators
  • Case Studies 

SEO copywriting services can help you get found online by paying customers

The most important part of getting found online is being able to turn your qualified visitors into customers. I know this seems painfully obvious, but as as marketers, it is easy to fall into the trap of letting this one lie solely on the shoulders of the sales team, but we have a responsibility beyond generating leads, and that's generating good leads and pushing them through the buyer's journey with lead nurturing campaigns.

When they become paying customers, we can confidentally say that we are successful in getting found online, and when they get there through organic search, SEO has done its thing... Of course, they'll also find there way to you through social media, blogging, and emailing.

Interested in learning more about how SEO copy writing services can help your business get found online? Schedule a free consultation today!

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