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Lucas HamonOct 13, 2015 12:38:04 PM4 min read

Which Social Media Services & Outcomes Should I Care About?

So, you're considering using social media services...

Most of the folks we talk to are setting out on journeys wrought with complications and let-downs because they're thinking in buzzword terms, and viewing social media in a silo.

I thought I would take the time to help you understand how social media can really impact your business' objectives by discussing the services and outcomes that are actually going to drive revenue to your bottom line.

To begin, let's talk about what outcomes seem to make sense, but don't actually do what you want them to do once you scratch beneath the surface, and then we'll talk about how to align better marketing objectives, so you can actually see positive results where it really counts.

1. Say NO to "Get more followers"

By itself, getting more followers seems to be one of the easiest ways to objectively quantify the value of your social media services providers, but this is fundamentally flawed.

You can always buy followers, and when you do, they mean nothing and do nothing for your business. Fake accounts can't pay for your products or services, after all.

But even if they are real, what does that mean for your business anyway?

2. Instead...

Instead of measuring results of your social media efforts by the amount of followers you have, look at these key metrics:

  • Interactions - Likes, +1's, retweets, shares... etc.
  • Visits to the website
  • Leads
  • Customers

Customer acquisition is our #1 goal. When you start to see social media efforts converting into customers, follow the path that got them there. If you don't know how to do that, you probably need better marketing tools (more HERE). But peel it back from that point, and look at the other 4 milestones (including more followers) as indicators of what's working, not the final objectives or outcomes.

3. The services you need

Traffic to the website is important, but so is engagement, and so is QUALIFIED engagement. Customers don't happen without all three. Followers, when they are real, will help increase exposure, but they don't do ANYTHING else for you.

Your social media management services should include:

  • Content curating, wherein they source, review, and share 3rd party content that your target audiences would care about - NOT what your competition cares about
  • Following up with public interaction - follow-backs, comments, mentions, and retweets
  • Branded concept distribution, wherein they integrate your blog posts and social conversations
  • Advertising
  • Analytics - proof that social media is actually contributing to your business objectives.

The simple posting ratio that we follow is the rule of 10 - 4 - 1 with 3rd party curating, concept distribution, and advertisements, in that order.

4. The other things you need

Social media management alone won't generate customers. This is an important part of this discussion, because without content and a lead conversion path, social media can only do two things: make it LOOK like people care about your business, and drive traffic to your website, which, without customer acquisition will ONLY look good on your reports.

I don't know about you, but even though reports can be exciting, they aren't NEARLY as exciting as revenue. So, here are some other pieces to the puzzle that will make social media marketing a worthwhile and quite rewarding endeavor:

  • Blog writing services - You need something that you can distribute that will drive traffic back to your website. Blog posts are among the more powerful methods of delivery in this regard.
  • Copywriting and/or content marketing services - Once they get to your website, they are going to need something to motivate the exchange of contact information. A gated download with valuable information or resources should do it.
  • Lead conversion path- Gated is key. Put your content downloads behind a form, and voila!
  • Professional SEO services - Don't underestimate the value of a carefully crafted keyword strategy for your social posting. Not only will it help you get found online through Google searches (when using Google+), but it will also resonate with folks who follow you and provide a cohesive experience when they get to your website.
  • Social media management tools - You need software that helps with distribution and performance analytics. My agency prefers the all-in-one, Hubspot, because it ties every one of these elements together.
  • Email marketing services - Once a lead becomes a lead, let's nurture them with carefully timed and targeted emails.


Social media services are offered in many shapes and sizes, so when you're sorting through all of the different terminologies and philosophies, think about how it's going to impact your bottom line. Will it drive revenue, and will you be able to prove it?

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