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Growth plan builder results


After careful analysis of your situation, we developed this custom growth plan for your business. It contains aggregate scores in the categories of Sales, Marketing, and Growth along with actions you can start taking today.

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Y-O-Y growth objective

Your growth gap (how far off you'll be without change)



Growth Score Overview (details below):

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Sales doesn't just happen. It comes from process, tools, templates, and accountability. See how your business fared in this critical category

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Sales wants to and CAN do more (how to fix)



You're not giving sales a voice, and it shows

Nobody knows sales health better than your sales team, and you've decided not to give them a seat at the table. This means that you're missing out on contextual insights from the folks who are on the ground floor, which means you're running the risk of being out of touch, which is no bueno. It's demotivating and creates friction.


You're not providing structure, and sales isn't accountable

Salespeople love structure. Knowing what's expected of them and giving them tools and metrics to follow is critical for the longevity and productivity of your sales team. They live and die by their victories, and if you can create a path to success, you'll help them win more often and stick around for the long haul.


Your sales tech is non-existent

This is a problem. Modern sales tech is one of the most important growth investments you can make, and can also be the cheapest. It will help you organize your contacts and their activities, provide tools that make selling easier, and give management insights into what generates success and what preventable bottlenecks are stopping it.


Templates are missing, and it's hurting you

Templatized emails, presentations, and proposals make it easier for Sales to articulate your vision... and it makes them considerably more productive. Not having to write the same email over and over (no doubt with grammar and spelling issues) saves a LOT of time. It can also generate marketing insights and increase CRM adoption.


You're letting sales call the shots, and they hate that

There is a fine balance between letting sales do what they please and letting them run wild. Their independence is important, but so are structure, process, and clear and reasonable accountability standards. Part of this is about having the right sales tools in play. The other part is about having an effective playbook.



Marketing can be a functional tool for growth when you put sales objectives in the forefront. See how your business is positioning marketing within the context of selling.

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Marketing wants to help Sales (how to fix)



Marketing could be doing more to help Sales

If you're not investing in marketing or you're not sure what you're getting out of it, think of them as the ones tilling the soil of sales... they're creating an environment where opportunities can grow, and they're planting seeds. It's Sales' job to cultivate and harvest those seeds, but marketing really ought to make supporting Sales a top priority.


Marketing and Sales are standing on a burning bridge

Sales and Marketing should be working toward your common goals in synergistic fashion. This means that Marketing is creating content that generates leads and helps close deals, and Sales is addressing inbound leads with inbound processes and leveraging marketing collateral every chance they get. This is a big problem.


Marketing needs to calibrate

The exercise of developing customer personas is incredibly valuable. It helps you scale your vision by providing context to the things that trigger action from your buyers. In addition to profiling their demographics, roles, goals, challenges, and favorite watering holes, interview a customer or two to qualify what you think you know.


Your website is a huge swing-and-a-miss

Think of your website as a "home-field advantage." When people are there, they're consuming your brand... reading about your business, and possibly looking for reasons to give you their money. But you haven't created an environment that attracts the right people or they aren't finding a reason to give you a shot at their business.


Your marketing tech is sorely missing

If growth is important, you need something that will support you through that. We recommend tech that serves BOTH execution (for multiple tactics) and analytics. There are some great all-in-one options out there (our faves are Hubspot Pro and Enterprise), which do a great job on both fronts. Don't cut corners here!



Growth is a strategic investment, and tactical execution is driven by results, not instincts (or shiny objects). See whether your growth investments at your business are working.

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Growth marketing services



Your Growth Plan Needs STRATEGY (how to fix)


Your decisions are reactive to instinct, not data

This is a big deal and could be the main reason why you're going to miss your growth objectives by . By relying so heavily on experts and their instincts, you cannot make informed, objective decisions unless you have data that points to REVENUE outcomes. This is a mixture of infrastructure, process, and priorities.


You're flying blind

There is nothing more frustrating (or unnecessary) than pouring money into an investment and not having any insight as to whether it's working. It's impossible to attribute success (or scapegoat failure) without data since there are a multitude of factors impacting growth. This critical malfunction can be addressed with tech, process, and alignment.


You're not investing in your most important customer: YOU

Growth doesn't just happen by luck... Well, sometimes it does. And maybe you happen to be in the right place at the right time when this all started, but something has changed, hasn't it? You're HERE because whatever stars were aligned in your favor are pulling away, and it's becoming apparent that it's time for something transformative.


You have no direction

If you have never invested in marketing, this is your chance to get it right the first time... if you're putting money into growth but doing so without a plan, you might as well dump gasoline on your cash and light a match ... But seriously, as you go forward, think strategically; try not to get fixated on shiny objects and tactics.


Think of growth in short-cycle sprints

You're not putting any energy into strategic growth planning. But that's okay because it means there aren't any bad habits to unlearn. As you go forward, think about all of the planning folks did in January and February, 2020... and where that got them in March. Instead of content calendars, execute in 2-week sprints. Look backwards to see ahead.

Put your plan to action

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