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Lucas HamonFeb 8, 2016 10:00:00 AM3 min read

SaaS Blog Writing Tips for Business Growth

Do you know why your SaaS needs a blog writing service to help increase sales?

Blogs are a part of the equation for so many reasons

Your SaaS solves problems. Your SaaS is innovative. It helps people save money, time, mistakes, or all of the above.

The question is - do they get that? Your potential customers... do they really understand what your app does before they sign up for that trial, or are they just haphazardly kicking the tires? 

(Set YOUR smart marketing objectives @

Maybe you'd like to increase your number of leads coming from your website or boost engagement, and maybe what you really need is to start blogging.

Weighing whether to bring in a blog writing service?

Blogging is a pretty darn important digital marketing tactic these days. If you're not doing it, did you know that it's one of the best ways to boost traffic to your website? It is, but it's so much more than that, and here are three of my favorite reasons for doing it.

1. Attract

Something that still seems to be widely unknown about blogging is how, exactly, it attracts more visitors to your website. Nobody is arguing whether it actually does send more people your way, but many don't understand why or how, and for the engineer-types that I come into contact with, these are two of the most important questions.

To start, with every blog post you publish you create a brand new page that is indexed by the search engines. This is important, because they want to see that your site is changing and growing. In addition, an inbound blogging strategy is built around keywords that relate directly to key concepts people need to grasp in order to properly understand the value of your service. 

2. Educate & engage

The problem is that not everybody who needs your app realizes it yet. It's like when I take my 20-month old son to the park, and we kick the ball back and forth to each other... Watching him and interacting with him while he giggles and plays is an incredible experience - one that fills me with endless joy, and one that I think about often when reflecting on my days' highlights. Yet, it wasn't that long ago when I had no idea how important kicking the ball with my son was. I like to call it "the thing I never knew I always wanted."

Somebody at some point had to teach me - in this case, it was the squirmy little worm himself. In your case, it's your blog. This is where you can teach people about all of the little problems your program solves one bite at a time.

Writing blogs is about telling stories while teaching. It's that simple, really.

And now that you're attracting visitors and greeting them with more than just advertorial fodder, you're creating lasting impressions and positioning yourself as a thought leader - something that will pay dividends if you know how to funnel that engagement properly.

3. Convert

The next logical step after providing insight to a problem that your app solves is to provide... that next logical step. 

Your readers are being educated, which we all know is important for being able to articulate the value your app provides, so if they're remotely serious about solving this issue, now would be a good time to insert an offer that prompts them to share their contact information with you in exchange for it.

And what about your existing customers? Don't forget how important it is to reconvert them as well. They need to be reminded from time to time why they signed up to begin with, so they keep going back and using it... and appreciating it.


If your program is designed to make life better for those who use it, then your outreach efforts should reflect that.

Blogging is a great way for you to find your audience and to kick off the process of turning visitors on your website into leads and customers. It brings people into the conversation in a manner that is inviting and relevant to the pain they're experiencing. It's the right way to communicate, and it aligns with the mission you're trying to carry out with your app.

Would you like to know more about how blogging could fit into your marketing strategy to improve sales? Check out this guide to getting started with inbound and see where it takes you:

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