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How to leverage Video for landing more job orders
Lucas HamonApr 10, 2019 4:29:00 AM1 min read

How to Leverage Video when Selling Staffing Services

Looking for new, innovative ways to improve the sales outcomes for your staffing agency?

Check out this video we created showing you how to leverage VIDEO when selling staffing services to new business prospects.

The video itself is a quick roleplay session for leveraging this exact tool for landing more job orders. It shows your salespeople how they can market hot candidates in a manner that elevates your agency over the rest of the competition.

Check it out:

The approach was simple:

  • Line up the candidate to one of a publicly posted job order
  • Better yet, line the candidate up to a job that's not publicly posted yet, but is known by your team
  • Tweak the resume to fit the job (without embellishing, of course)
  • Highlight the most important relevant stuff
  • Walk through thee resume on a desktop sharing video recording tool like Vidyard

Then, send off the video as a thumbnail in an email, and let the prospect know that you found the perfect candidate for their job opening, and you made a video to introduce them.


Don't get let your sales people get stuck in the same rut as literally every single one of your competitors out there. You're in a sales industry! With very little effort, they can market hot candidates to prospective customers with just a few short clicks and doing what they do best - talking.

Video is a powerful tool that is still under-utilized at recruitment agencies.  Click HERE to learn more about how to leverage this technology and other innovative ways to market your recruiting agency:

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