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Lucas HamonMay 10, 2023 4:15:31 PM4 min read

How to Use A/B Testing Examples to Resolve Growth Marketing Disagreements

How to Use A/B Testing Examples to Resolve Growth Marketing Disagreements

Growth culture demands an environment that supports dialogues, debates, and disagreements. Building momentum and scaling with sustainability requires an environment where stakeholders can ask uncomfortable questions, have tough conversations, and effectively navigate through disruption to the ultimate solution. 

A/B Testing Examples: Data Helps Resolve Differences and Drive Growth

At Orange Pegs, we firmly believe in creating a safe place to discuss these differences — we know firsthand it can play an integral part in fostering an environment poised for growth. We also recognize that stakeholders on both sides of our client relationships can have very passionate opinions. 

Our clients are heavily invested in their businesses — on both a professional and personal level. Many of our clients have bootstrapped their companies from the ground up. They are, and have always been heavily involved in, well, almost everything since launch day — every decision, every offer, every customer interaction.

Our Growth Marketing Team Trusts Reliable Data Over Debates

As for Orange Pegs, our growth marketers are heavily invested in our clients — we are passionate about helping every partner we work with develop and implement a cohesive growth marketing strategy that influences North Star wins and upswings in other key performance indicators. But sometimes, how we think we’ll get there looks a little different than the way our clients think we’ll get there — and that’s great. 


Because when creating growth marketing solutions that prioritize North Star wins, every disagreement offers an opportunity for a growth hacker favorite: A/B testing examples and experimentation.

What Is a North Star?
What are A/B Testing Examples? Breaking Down This Growth Strategy

A/B testing, also known as split testing, creates marketing experimentation to determine the performance of different variations of the same online experience. When running marketing experimentation using A/B testing, it’s critical to pick one variable to test

Yes, having multiple stakeholders often means having multiple ideas (and disagreements) but to truly evaluate how effective a change is to overall outcomes, it’s critical to isolate one “independent variable” and measure its performance. Otherwise, it’s virtually impossible to pinpoint which variable had the most significant impact on performance.

Of course, you can test more than one variable for any given online asset (i.e. landing page, email, CTA, etc.) — but each variable must be tested individually. 


Launching a Successful Growth Marketing Expertimentation Campaign — Where to Start?

Some potential options in your growth marketing campaigns that may generate varying opinions and warrant testing to determine user behavior include: 

  • Web Page
  • Landing Page
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Blog Content
  • Paid Campaigns
  • Product Experience
  • Sales Optimization
  • Events/Webinars
  • Audience Segmentation

How Do You Determine What Type of Growth Marketing Experimentation to Run?

The type of experiment you'll run with your growth marketing campaigns is determined by what type of digital asset you are testing. Some common testing examples include: 


Test different headlines to see which one captures the attention of your audience and encourages them to read more about your offer.

Call to Action

Test different variations of your call to action, including the wording, placement, and color, to see which one results in more clicks and conversions.

Form Lengths

Test different lengths of your lead capture form to see which one results in more completed form submissions.


Test different images or videos to see which ones capture the attention of your audience and encourage them to stay on your landing page.

Email Subject Lines
Test different variations of email subject lines to see which one resonates with your target audience and results in higher open rates.

Ad Copy
Test different variations of ad copy to see which one results in higher click-through rates.

Product Descriptions
Test different product descriptions to see which one results in higher conversion rates.

Website Navigation

Test different navigation menus to see which one results in higher website traffic, better user experience, and increased overall engagement.

Button Text

Test different variations of button text to better understand user behavior and see which one results in more clicks and conversions.

Page Speed

Test different load times on your web pages to see how it affects bounce rates and engagement.


Test personalized content and experiences to see how it affects user engagement and conversion rates.

A/B Testing Uses Data To Resolve Questions and Disagreements

When used as part of a dynamic growth marketing strategy, A/B testing can eliminate the guesswork from any successful growth marketing campaign, delivering specific, quantifiable, tangible results that enable future data-driven marketing decisions. It’s the very foundation of what our growth marketing team does, for a lot of reasons — but it’s also a powerful, objective tool to help navigate conflict and disagreements about what really resonates with your customers. 

A/B testing quickly helps identify and separate potential concerns, sorts out the minutiae and keeps stakeholders focused on final outcomes. Most importantly, allowing the data to speak for itself creates a framework for stakeholders to collectively challenge ideas, not people — and make informed future decisions. 


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