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sales enablement tools that will blow your mind
Lucas HamonNov 19, 2018 11:57:28 AM2 min read

Sales Enablement Tools that Change the Game (Video)

Enabling sales for success has never been easier.

As a business leader, you're no doubt always looking for ways to influence the sale, but struggling to find any meaningful ways to do so. 

But that's because you're relying too heavily on gut instinct and conversation. You're not letting DATA fill in the gaps or provide the narrative that dictates your most important decisions.

These sales enablement tools and processes will change all of that. They'll put objective reasoning at the helm, and allow marketing and upper management to enable better outcomes on the ground floor.

Watch the video below as I walk you through 2 important sales enablement tools that are changing the way businesses approach sales and marketing: templates and documents. (what is sales enablement?)

2 "Game-Changer" Sales Enablement Tools:

The Technology:

The video was made using Hubspot Sales Pro CRM through a partnership with Vidyard. What you're looking at is the inside of Hubspot Sales Pro.

The tools highlighted include:

  1. Email Templates
  2. Documents

Email Templates

Marketing can create an entire library of templates accessible to sales through the CRM or their native Gmail or Outlook 365 interface. You can categorize them however you want, and update them without having to inform sales or provide direction for them to make the updates on their end.

When it comes time to improving outcomes, your marketing team will have the ability to see all sorts of interesting data points:

  • # of sends
  • # of opens
  • # of clicks

sales enablement email tool
This data is quite helpful when it comes to improving subject lines or email content in order to achieve more optimal outcomes.


Marketing can create an entire library of documents accessible to sales through the CRM or their native Gmail or Outlook 365 interface as well. Additionally, sales can upload individual collateral specific to the sale.

This informs sales AND marketing:

  • Sales can follow customer interactions to see where they were looking before they went MIA... or even understand who decision-makers are and who all is involved int he sale.
  • Marketing can see the overall impact of standardized presentations, so they can improve performance through style, order, and overall presentation qualities.

Here's what kind of intelligence you can feed your teams with the Documents tool found inside Hubspot Sales Starter and Pro:

sales enablement documents

Notice how the prospect spent several minutes viewing slide 33? They also FLEW through the first 30 slides... relatively speaking, anyway. But that gives you an idea of their level of engagement. The nice part is that they went through the entire thing, and hovered on the most important slides in the deck.


Sales enablement is all about enabling better sales outcomes. It has two forms:

  • Giving sales the tools to be better at their jobs
  • Enabling management and marketing to influence sales from above

The sales enablement tools found in Hubspot Sales Pro are, in my opinion, best in show, and should be a serious consideration for anybody interested in modernizing their sales process.

Download this Sales Enablement Strategy Guide to put these ideas into action:

Sales Enablement Strategy Guide


Lucas Hamon

Over 10 years of B2B sales experience in staffing, software, consulting, & tax advisory. Today, as CEO, Lucas obsesses over inbound, helping businesses grow! Husband. Father. Beachgoer. Wearer of plunging v-necks.