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Cortney FarmerJan 29, 2024 9:33:00 AM2 min read

Sprint Planning Template: Standup Meetings

When implementing a dynamic Growth strategy built on a foundation of agility and adaptability, the power of standup meetings cannot be overstated. These routinely scheduled gatherings with stakeholders and contributors serve as the foundation for driving productivity while simultaneously fostering collaboration, ideation, and synchronization between all relevant players. At Orange Pegs, we view standups as being indispensable to our Growth template; these weekly meetings are one of the biggest driving forces in our sprint-cycle achievements.

How To Run Effective Standup Meetings 

Knowing how to run effective standup meetings can play a critical role in the success of your Growth Marketing program. When scheduling standup meetings, it’s important to use a standardized cadence. We recommend standups be scheduled once per week. Each week, our standup meetings serve as pivotal moments for intentional connection. Here, we synchronize our efforts, align objectives, and solidify our joint commitment to achieving success within our Growth strategy.

Ideation Standups: How Daily Marketing Standups Improve Collaboration and Innovation 

The Ideation Standups serve as a time for ideas and innovation. During the Ideation Standup, the team conducts a comprehensive review of our experiments, analyzes results, draws insights, and leverages these learnings to ideate new strategies. We use the ICE (Impact, Confidence, and Ease) framework to ensure effortless experiment prioritization and that our energies are channeled into the initiatives that promise maximum impact. 

Tactical Standups: Executing with Precision

Within the Tactical Standups, we delve into the nitty-gritty of execution. Tactical Standups fall into two categories: Production and Delivery. The Production Standup orchestrates the review and approval of marketing materials to propel deadlines forward and close existing tasks. Simultaneously, the Delivery Standup gears up our team to launch new experiments, setting maturity dates and ensuring a seamless transition from ideation to action.

Specialized Standup: Sales Enablement

For businesses with a B2B sales component, a dedicated standup for Sales Enablement proves vital. This fourth standup is where we hold an in-depth review of lead quality and sales activities, engaging directly with our sales team. Through collaborative efforts, we brainstorm and generate fresh ideas for experimentation, synergizing marketing strategies with sales initiatives to drive Growth and innovation.

Culmination: Prioritizing Standups for Growth

Standup meetings epitomize the embodiment of collaboration, innovation, and synchronization within our Growth Marketing strategy. It is through these regular engagements that we fortify our commitment to agility, adaptability, and client-centricity. At Orange Pegs, standups are not just meetings; they are the lifeblood fueling our journey toward exponential Growth.

By prioritizing and leveraging the power of standup meetings, we empower our teams to unleash their full potential, driving strategic Growth initiatives and propelling businesses towards unparalleled success.

Learn more about how and when to run your standups, along with a litany of other lessons designed to get your Growth Marketing program primed for launch with our lesson on the 2-Week Sprint Cycle:


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